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Just a small sample of some of our latest products. Keep coming back as we will be loading more products each week.

Electrical Box

This enclosure is suitable for electrical, telecoms, CATV and many other uses. This is one of many we manufacture here in the UK for a range of customers requirements. If you have different requirements and this unit does not meet them, then please get in contact and we will be happy to provide a more appropriate unit.

Ladder Step

Make working from a ladder for any amount of time, comfortable and safer. Simply slide a Ladder Step on the rung. The even platform spreads your weight and saves you having to dance from one foot to the other, potentially losing balance or slipping. The foot plate has raised holes to minimise risk of slip and has been tested to hold 127 Kilos (279 lbs).

Server Racks

Equipment racks supplied with vented front and rear doors with single cam locks on both. Unit is fitted as standard with hinged side panels, allowing full access to both sides of the rack. Roof is vented and is designed with two removable access panels to allow for cable entry. Rack has 4 fully adjustable verts. All doors and side panels are earthed. Contact us for bespoke projects.

Gated Postbox

Purchase direct from the manufacturer ACT Universal have been manufacturing the Railings Mounted postbox for the past 7 years selling to Ironmongers, Architects and DIY stores throughout the UK. Our standard and most popular colour is Black although we can powder coat to any standard RAL colour. Other popular colours are Green, Red and White.

Satellite Mount

Non penetrating patio/roof mount for aerial or satellite. This is a well designed, quality product made in the UK from 4mm galvanised steel. The unit comes flat pack so is easy to transport and carry to position. Assembly takes around 2 minutes (easy instructions supplied) and only requires a spanner or socket and ratchet. It comes with its own 50mm dia pole that is 700mm long. Due to the unique patent pending design clamp, you can put a longer pole in the clamp if required, without having to change the base. 

Wheelie Bin Arm

The bracket simply hooks on the side of your wheelie bin and the food bin slides in. You can lift the food bin with the bracket still attached or slide it out of the bracket. Different refuse collectors have different rules and this caters for most of them. Either way, this bracket is designed for ease and simplicity.


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